BergKlein is an architecture, planning and design firm based in Rotterdam. Principle architect is Heidi Klein. The office works on modern architecture, interiors, design, urbanism and landscape design.

BergKlein starts its designs with a certain simplicity of structures and focuses on the elaboration of these structures with close attention to materiality, craftsmanship and detail. With roots in Europe and South America and a long track record of working in the ‘global south’, the office unites a Dutch Design with a ‘tropical’ touch. The latter reveals itself in a strong focus on the inside-outside relation of architecture, usage of natural materials and designing with the landscape.

The process is extremely important for the work of the office. Creating a special space and a special place requires dedication of the architect and its client. The dialogue between the two is the office’s primary concern. This counts for both specific architectural interventions as for urban projects. The latter requires a dialogue with more stakeholders, but it all comes down to stay focused on the aspirations of the project while listening to the ideas of others involved in the process.
The firm is interested and investigates the process of making; Making Architecture, Making Cities.
Making Architecture is first of all about people, but second it is about materials and how these materials come together in a balanced composition with sophisticated details. Making City is first of all about the people, then about the process in which the city is shaped, but eventually it is also about physical form, materials and construction.
Apart from the newest computer technologies, the firm loves and uses sketches and physical models in the design process.